Sep 3, 2007

About this blog

My basic objective is to pick stocks that have a annual return greater than the S&P 500 index. I consider this a challenge for my self and I expect myself to achieve it. In doing so I want to document my experiences and share it with the public and that is where this blog comes in.
My blog does not have a custom domain or a lot of fancy graphics because I want to focus on my real objective and not on having a 'pretty blog'.

I usually post weekly updates on my portfolios year to date performance. If I do add any more stocks to my portfolio you will see a separate post for that also. Also you might see additional post if I come across something interesting in relation to the stocks. I don't believe in the 'market noise' that is out there, and, so I don't want to create it either. I only post stocks in my weekly update that are part of my portfolio.

No matter what my blog says, always, do your own research, I do not consider myself a expert.

For any questions, comments, suggestions e-mail at